Mario Pizzi

nick name MM153


Italy: +39 335 6343147

Dubai: +971551425928


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About me

Mario M. Pizzi – nickname “MM153”

The passion of painting and art have always generated excitement in the italian artist since the time of the school. His artistic growth has gone from black and white drawing with charcoal and color pencil, acrylic and oil, to the technique of graffiti. In recent years the artistic experimentation led him to present himself to the art market with the nickname MM153, code that helps to enrich his work. The technique combined with the juxtaposition of colors and shadow play and identify approaching its vintage pop art works, turning his characters, icons of the 20th century, in pleasing works of art and furniture

"In  every  artwork  there  isn't  only  what  you  see  but  a  set  of  hidden emotions"


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